Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC offers Clean Energy Solutionsand Technologies to respond to the environmental challenges of the 21 st Century . Our corporate mission is to develop and offer Clean Air Solutions™ that are considered “Elegant Solutions”. Our solutions are through positive design and investment strategy.


As an energy engineering and technology firm, we have developed a specific and successful business model with innovative energy solutions that meet the growing global demand for cost efficient and reliable energy, while reducing emission levels that contribute to climate change. We offer sustainability to the communities, while satisfying legislative mandates.

We are pleased to introduce our Clean Energy Investment™, with an emphasis on ownership and operation of Waste-to-Energy, Gas-to-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and Combine Heat and Power (CHP) facilities.

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Corporate Headquarters

Phone: 714-545-7805
Fax: 714-850-4632

Investor Relations

Phone: 714-408-1160
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